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nmapsi4 0.3 is out.

Hello nmapsi4 users! :)

New stable version of nmapsi4 is ready for release with many new features and bug fixed.


nmapsi4 0.3 beta1 released.

The first beta1 version of nmapsi4 is released.

With this release all component are freeze for stable 0.3 release. (core and translations)


Testing and bug report is more appreciated ;)

nmapsi4 0.2.87 alpha2 released

Second release for nmapsi4 alpha, all works are done ;)



nmapsi4 0.2.86 alpha1 released

nmapsi4 0.2.86 alpha1 released only for testing ;)

dowload test release

report a bug

Runtime Require: nmap, nping (nmap >= 5.51), dig 

Note this release is only for test, not all works are done.

Hide menuBar() for QToolButton in nmapsi4 git version

Hi all,

with the commit c4b5cb0, nmapsi4 are using a QToolBox instead of classical menuBar.

News for scan

Just a little snapshot from nmapsi4 0.2.85, git version. ;)



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