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New bugtracker for nmapsi4.

nmapsi4 0.4.0 beta 1 released.

Today, first Beta version of nmapsi4 is released. This release contains a lots of bug fixes, new features and code optimizations.

Please test this release and give us a feedback to ensure a best stable release. 



Gitorious -> Github - repository moved

Hi there, the sources of nmapsi4 have been moved on

Build nmapsi4 on Mac Osx. (git version 0.3.80)

 Well, this is my personal experiment of the day but yes, It works. ;-)

1) install all dependencies for build nmapsi4

nmapsi4 0.3.75: vulnerability snapshot from git.

Hi there,

one snapshot with new works in the vulnerability section. :)


New profile dialog for nmapsi4.

Hi folks, I'm working to a new "profile dialog" for create and change scan profile with nmapsi4 (0.4).

Well, the code is already present and working on gitorious master branch and any tests are welcome. For the moment, take a look to the screenshot ;)


nmapsi4 0.3.1 is out.

Hello folks, New stable update of nmapsi4 is ready for release with bug fix and translations update.


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