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Qt5 nmapsi4 0.5-alpha1 released.

The first version of nmapsi4 in qt5 has been released. This release is a work in progress but it is stable and usable for daily usage.


Download from sourceforge


nmapsi4 0.4.1 released

This release contains some bug fixes and increases the general stability.

Please, if you have problems, use the bug tracker.


github changelog

New nmapsi4 0.4 (new stable) is out.

Hello all!

The new stable version of nmapsi4 is ready for release, rich of new features and improvements.

Reading a summary of changelog

Scan hosts section:

New forum for nmapsi4

Hello folks, new nmapsi4 forum is born today. Problems, suggestions, questions, translations and development stuff are welcome.

Enjoy ;)

New nmapsi4 0.3.85 screenshots with KMessageWidget.

Few screenshots of  nmapsi4 0.3.85 and its principal sections.

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nmapsi4 0.3.85 (git master), optional dependency from KDElibs

 From version 0.3.85, nmapsi4 is using (optionally on build time) kdelibs for all notifications. It is only the first step. ;)

For monitor the state of integration is possible to read and subscribe the bug  #0000004

New wiki for nmapsi4.

Welcome Wiki.

Please help nmapsi4 with creation of new tutorials. (filter --> Documentations).  


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